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Grain and produce storage

Steel frame buildings designed to store grain, produce and potatoes

When you work hard to grow and harvest your crops, you want to be able to store them in the best conditions for absolute peace of mind.

Fowler & Gilbert design and build steel frame produce stores that allow you to manage your crops effectively. The right storage facilities can help farmers to increase annual yields, which is where our expertise comes in.

Our storage buildings are clean, dry, vermin-proof, water-tight, and well-ventilated – plus, they’re custom-designed to suit you.

Grain storage facility
Steel framed grain storage building

Steel frame grain and produce storage designed by experts

As a business with its own farming tradition, we understand what your priorities are.

We recommend that grain stores are thoroughly cleaned two months prior to harvest. 

Grain storage building for Adam Henson in the Cotswolds

Steel frame machine stores and farm workshops to suit your exact needs

Close up of farmer standing in field holding pile of potatoes

Potato storage specialists

Whether you are storing loose or boxed potatoes, ensure you have the best storage facilities available with a custom designed steel frame building.

How do we optimise your potato storage capabilities?

We recommend that grain stores are thoroughly cleaned two months prior to harvest. 

Making the most of your potato storage

Store management is critical to effective disease control. Having an efficient storage facility means you can minimise disease and manage any outbreaks.

While most diseases don’t come from within the store, outbreaks can still accelerate if not effectively controlled. This can result in cross loss or depreciation in market value.

To make the most of our storage facilities, we recommend cleaning your store a few weeks before loading. This keeps it clean and free from any chemical residue, dust or spores which can settle on the crop and cause cross-contamination.

Designing, fabricating and constructing custom steel frame farm buildings

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Fowler & Gilbert are committed to providing a safe, high-quality service that you can trust – that’s why we’re proud to be accredited by the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS).