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Machine store and workshops

Secure steel frame machine store buildings and workshops

As a busy farmer, you need to know that the machinery you store at the end of the day is still going to be there when you when you open up the next morning.

The machinery stored in your workshop tends to be expensive and critical to your work. You need to be able to trust that it’s being kept somewhere safe, secure, and protected from elements.

That’s where we come in. Combining specialist expertise and our own farming experience, we design and build steel frame structures that keep your kit safely under lock and key.

Machine storage shed with concrete side panels by Fowler and Gilbert
Machine storage shed by Fowler and Gilbert with solar panels and cladding

How we design and build your secure steelwork machine store

Not all machine stores need to be kept under lock and key but for those that do, we can incorporate extra security measures into your design, e.g. Reinforcing walls with concrete panels, which can help protect your valuable equipment from theft.
Machine storage shed by Fowler and Gilbert

Steel frame machine stores and farm workshops to suit your exact needs

Designing, fabricating and constructing custom steel frame farm buildings

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Fowler & Gilbert are committed to providing a safe, high-quality service that you can trust – that’s why we’re proud to be accredited by the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS).