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What are the benefits of an indoor horse riding arena?

When designing your new riding arena there is a lot to consider, in this article we look at the benefits of an indoor horse riding arena.


The environment

In any equestrian facility, a riding arena with a protected environment comes with many benefits. Riders can train in private in all weather conditions and timings. If its protection from the rain or direct sun light, rides are more comfortable when indoors, in turn more frequent riding and increased student growth.

Simultaneously, spectators are more likely to join and enjoy the experience of watching.


Calm and in control

Controlling the setting within a riding arena can aid with horses that may get spooked easily. Riding within an indoor menage gives protection from traffic, wildlife and other horses and minimises noise.  Training safely in a controlled environment lowers the risk of injury to rider and horse, and with uninterrupted training you can strive for peak performance.

Riding surfaces can be easily maintained, keeping riding conditions optimal and safe.


Opportunities to maximise your investment

An indoor horse riding arena, may not only benefit you as a rider and your horses, but can in turn generate a significant income. Considerations when designing your horse riding arena are how you can maximise your profits from when the menage is not in use. Many of our customers here at Fowler & Gilbert are diversifying the uses of their steel framed buildings. With an indoor riding school, the opportunities can be endless. When the weather calls for it, not all riders have access to train.

Consider hiring your arena out on an hourly basis, offering schooling, and set up to run competitions. Working in association with local pony clubs, show jumping, adult classes and dressage to hire or for events is a great starting point.


Adding Value

An indoor horse riding arena is a purposeful investment to any property owners with many benefits to rider, horse and spectators. A well designed riding arena will add value to your property, together with an profitable and income generated space, balance out any capital and expenditure.

If you already have an equestrian yard offering livery, a menage would be a great addition for all customers to increase their enjoyment with their horses.


Design considerations

Ensure ample parking surrounding the arena for those who have travelled in horse boxes and trailers.

Speak to your local planning officers to seek what planning permission is required and any design considerations they may want you to include.

Consider your environmental impact, riding arenas can be large buildings, consider materials that will blend with the surrounding landscapes and not be obtrusive.

Overall footprint of your building, what size arena you would like (and can possibly rent out) and any undercover areas, toilets, cafes, and stables.

How long does it take to build an indoor riding arena?

Once you have obtained the relevant planning permissions, we can supply your new building within as little as 6 weeks! Speak to our team to discuss your requirements.


How much will a riding arena cost?

Materials and size are a big variation when it comes to costing, one of our team can discuss materials, sizes and costings and work to suit your budget and future plans.

Speak to one of our equestrian specialists today on 01630 655 555 or request a quote online.