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Fibre cement roofing on a steel-framed building installed by Fowler and Gilbert

Discover why fibre cement is our go to choice of reinforced roofing material

Why we always ‘bang on’ about fibre cement roofing?


We can answer this one.


Here at Fowler and Gilbert, we always strive to ensure we offer our customers the best and most value for money when it comes to their buildings.

Did you know our fibre cement roofs are guaranteed for 30 years durability and 10 years colour stability?

Using Swisspearl, previously known as Cembrit, they have an extensive wealth of over 100 years of manufacturing fibre cement reinforced roofing. Offering fully compressed sheets as opposed to semi compressed alternatives, therefore can withstand abrasion and wear.

With a few named companies within the UK no longer offering profile 6, Swisspearl are continuing to provide the nation with one of its most popular roofing sheet!

In addition, Swisspearl offers an abundance of roofing accessories, including barge boards, roof lights and ridges but to name a few.

Fibre cement has always been a clear favourite to our customers here at Fowler & Gilbert, with many strong benefits to outweigh others. Low-weight sheets make fitting easier and offer strength and durability, especially against the well-renowned British weather!

Unlike metal roofing systems, fibre cement can absorb up to 25% of its own weight in moisture, for herd health this will help reduce the stack effect by removing excess condensation from within the building, to release into the outer atmosphere. Ideal for livestock housing.

With increased benefits over metal roofing, fibre cement offers a higher resistance to corrosion with a life expectancy of over 50 years. More importantly, the ventilation benefits it brings to your agricultural buildings, mean greater herd health and, thus greater returns on your investment.

Acoustics value ensures herd stress is kept to a minimum.

Offered in natural grey, blue/black, van dyke brown and laurel green, Swisspearls painting process uses water-based acrylic paint as part of the 3-part colouration process.


Want some more information on the most cost-effective roofing on your buildings?

Check out our sister company, Trent Fasteners & Fixings are now stockists of Swisspearl sheets and accessories, available for delivery across the Midlands and Wales.