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Steel that has been galvanised by Fowler and Gilbert

Benefits of galvanising for your steel framed buildings

Sustainability is a significant factor when designing your building and Hot dipped galvanising is seen as the most environmentally friendly finish to prevent corrosion. You work hard for your money, and we want to make sure you and future generations get the most out of your building.

With a life span of 85-170 years, its one less thing to have to think about as it’s also maintenance free!

Although galvanising is an additional up-front cost, galvanising is a process over 150 years old and is the most economical way of protecting your steelwork for long periods of time. Taking into consideration the downtime of labour, materials and building usage to touch up paintwork across the 85 years, the additional up-front cost will easily be covered in one application, studies show as much as 35% savings over the lifetime compared to paint.

This trustworthy method is defined by British standard EN ISO 1461; a series of zinc-iron alloy layers are formed by a metallurgical reaction between the iron and zinc, providing robust coating which is an integral part of the steel. Creating a very strong bond between zinc and steel, galvanising forms a bond that will last for generations to come, with a corrosion rate of less than 2.5 microns per years even in the coastal and highland areas.

Full coverage ensures faster construction as no touch-up is required on site. With a tough coating, it also gives outstanding resilience to any mechanical damage in transport, erection, or daily use.

Offering a fast application, it can be applied in a matter of hours. As standard turnarounds would be 5-7 days however our close relationship with the galvanisers ensures we can request 24-hour turnaround when needed.

Hot-dipped galvanising protects valuable assets in a multitude of ways, by providing a physical barrier, sacrificial protection and prevention of sideways creep.

With a competitive market, galvanising your steelwork has the benefit of the lowest overall cost compared to any other coatings. We can offer you a galvanised steel price as an optional extra.