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What are the advantages of using steel frame over timber frames for your building projects?

Structural steel frame buildings offer several advantages over timber frame buildings for building projects.

Our article looks at the benefits of steel framed buildings over timber framed buildings and why they are the most common choice by most.


Ease of construction

With accuracy in computed parts before fabrication, steel framed buildings offer a faster construction time, therefore less labour intensive, the resources for costs are reduced. Your building can start to return on its investments sooner and there is less downtime on site.



Timber frame buildings cause mass deforestation to the environment and the destruction on natural habitats. Being a natural product, there may be some imperfectionists that render some of the wood unusable, therefore more wastage. With steel bars being cut to size, this reduces wastage, any offcuts can be reused as steel is 100% recyclable.



Steel framed buildings are fabricated away from site, with 10-20% reduced on site labour compared to a timber framed structure, thus shorter construction times. With the versatility of steel, it makes future modifications and additions effortless. Insurance premiums may be lower for steel framed buildings as opposed to timber structures because of there ability to withstand pests, decay and natural disasters.



Like anything, when properly maintained things will last longer. Unlike timber frame building, steel does not split, crack or creep with age. Not vulnerable to insect attacks, it does not warp rot or expand.



Steel is undeniably strong and extremely durable and will come completely protected from termites that run the risk of destroying a structure like they would a timber framed building. However, in costal areas that are rich with salt in the air, this can cause the steel to rust or corrode, therefore we would always offer for you to have the option of hot dipped galvanised steelwork to BS EN ISO 1461 with up to 85-170 years protection.


Fowler & Gilbert Ltd are one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of bespoke steel frame buildings and we fabricate all of our steelworks on site at our factory in Market Drayton. We supply bespoke steel frame buildings to clients for Agricultural, Equestrian, Industrial and Commercial buildings – get in touch to see how we can help you with your next project.