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Steel framed grain storage building

What to consider with your grain store maintenance

As a farmer’s busiest time of year approaches, preparations may be already underway to get your grain store ready for harvest.

At Fowler & Gilbert, as suppliers of steel framed buildings to the agricultural industry, we want your building to work to its full potential and help increase your annual yield. The ideal grain store will be clean, dry and well ventilated. With building maintenance very often not at the forefront of your priorities and often long jobs lists to complete, we detail why and how it is essential to clean down your grain stores.

When it comes to the hygiene of your crops, nothing can be left to chance. Pests can cause havoc in your grain store, and unfortunately can cause devastation on grain yield.

What do I need to do?

The most cost-effective and less labour-intensive way to clean your grain store is to hire a specialist industrial vacuum cleaner. Starting from the top, we would advise using a brush to knock off any dust from the purlins and steelwork and work your way down the building. It’s usual for most debris and dust to collect in the corners and on ledges/spill flashings, so take extra time to check these areas.

Whilst carrying out your cleaning, inspect the building for any damages or particulars that may require some maintenance. Ensuring the building is fully vermin proofed.

Pay specific attention to concrete panels and the seals between panels, panels may have become damaged when being loaded against with heavy machinery. Reseal any concrete panels that may need it, any crevasses left can be the perfect breeding ground for pests.

We would recommend completing this process two months before your intake.

We would encourage cleaning any grain drying equipment in your grain store and dispose of any dust and debris away from your store.